Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Full-stack Python web developer from Porto

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About me

I am a passionate full-stack web developer with 16 years of hands-on and management experience. I love helping startups owners and small teams turn their ideas into products. I prefer to work on projects with a clear end goal.

If you want to work with me, drop me a line at

Python. My primary area of tech expertise is in web development, mainly with Python on the server side. I have worked with Python since 2006. I started my career with Django 0.91 in NetAngels, a web hosting company in Russia. After six years, when I left the company, I worked with Python and web developer on Todoist for eight years. We used a Werkzeug-based framework. Now, I work independently with different clients, mainly using Python on the server-side.

Frontend. I can create modern web applications for the client side. I’m familiar with the React ecosystem, and I would be happier to work with TypeScript than with JavaScript.

DevOps. I’m pretty comfortable doing operation tasks, such as manual or automated server provisioning or configuration, or creating CI/CD pipelines for automated testing, deployment, etc. AWS would be my cloud provider of choice, as I’m most familiar with their ecosystem.

Software architecture. My other area of interest is creating well-architected yet not overly engineered, practical solutions. I feel like there is a sort of dichotomy in the industry, where everyone is talking about how things should be architected. Yet, most of the solutions barely have any architecture.

Communication. Software development is as much about communication, knowledge sharing, and being on the same page as about writing code. I’m a proponent of a no-surprise proactive communication style. I try to serve as an example of a good team citizen who writes documentation, shares what they know, and actively pulls knowledge from others when it’s necessary.

Remote work. I have worked remotely since 2012 and consider remote work as the only option. I live in Porto, Portugal. My timezone is 5 hours ahead of EST. Time in Porto.