Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Full-stack Python web developer from Porto

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25 Oct 2020

Alignment Matters

Thoughts on hiring and career planning in application to software development.
18 Sep 2020

Python code cleanup for beginners. 12 steps to readable and maintainable code.

Improve your Python code to increase your chances to succeed at the interview and become a better developers
10 Sep 2020

Boring Meetings and Multitasking

I use multitasking as a measure of the success of our regular team meetings.
02 Sep 2020

On Burnout

Notes and takeaways on the burnout
25 Aug 2020

5 reasons to love Python type hints

I honestly don't understand why some people find it ugly or unpythonic. I try hard to annotate my Python code with type hints and here's why.
15 Aug 2020

Accelerate. Five-minute summary

Five-minute summary of the book 'Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps'
12 May 2020

Feature Branching vs. Continuous Integration

My summary and takeaways from Martin Fowler’s Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches
03 May 2020

On the Code Ownership

Research from Microsoft says that the number of bugs in a file correlates with the number of contributors to it. It goes against common wisdom on sharing knowledge to increase the bus factor.
21 Apr 2020

On Feature Flags at Doist

Our experience introducing feature flags at Doist