Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Full-stack Python web developer from Porto

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27 Apr 2022

Django Plausible Proxy

I released a Django application to proxy requests and send server-side events to Plausible Analytics
11 Feb 2022

Shared database antipattern. A three-legged race

Why sharing database between two services creates a tech debt.
31 Jan 2022

Tech debt hackathons is a waste of time

Discussing why repaying your tech debt with a code cleanup hackathon is a waste of time.
19 Jan 2022

You can use Pydantic in SQLAlchemy fields

How to define your column to store Pydantic models as JSON fields in SQLAlchemy ORM
08 Jan 2022

Dealing with large pull requests

How to split large pull requests into chunks and not go nuts — exploration of tooling and my low-tech workflow.
22 Dec 2021

Optimize pip install with wheels

Having that `pip install -r requirements.txt` that takes ages to install? Make sure you install all binary packages from wheels.
21 Dec 2021

How to pretty print SQL from Django

A snippet to pretty print SQL from Django ORM queryset
10 Dec 2021

User Stories for small teams and individuals

User stories are not feature requests with a cargo culted ticket structure. I'm exploring the proper and uncomplicated use of them in the context of a small team or a personal project.
28 Nov 2021

SQLAlchemy and Alembic notes

My notes on SQLAlchemy and Alembic
09 Nov 2021

Codemaps Leaflet

My attempts to use the Leaflet JavaScript library to visualize codemaps