Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Full-stack Python web developer from Porto

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01 Nov 2021

Time Series Caching with Python and Redis

Some thoughts and takeaways on practical time series caching with Python and Redis from the Dashboards project that I implemented with Anyblock Analytics.
22 Oct 2021

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

My summary and takeaways from the book "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience."
05 May 2021

Structure Flask Project With Convention Over Configuration

How I promote consistent project structure with Flask and avoid hairy and repetitive code in the application initialization.
17 Mar 2021

21 tools to document your Python project

Overview of tools and services to document your Python web application from installation instructions to public API. How to make sure API documentation is in sync with your code. How to serve internal documentation and keep it private.
23 Feb 2021

Linter for Python Architecture

How do you enforce architecture for your Python and Django projects other than in code reviews or guidelines?
21 Dec 2020

Product Management. Explanation for Developers

Who are product managers. What product managers do and how are they different from project managers and why does it matter for developers.
06 Dec 2020

Meeting culture for seniors and veterans

There's time to talk, and there's time to listen. Take pauses. Proactively invite others to share their thoughts.
22 Nov 2020

Don't let dicts spoil your code

I restricted the use of dicts in my code to make it easier to follow and maintain. Here's my explanation of the benefits and advice on what you can use instead. Bonus point: what to do with all the legacy code when there's no time to eradicate all the dicts.
20 Nov 2020

4 Reading mistakes I made

My thoughts on how to become a better reader. The context is non-fiction books.
25 Oct 2020

Alignment Matters

Thoughts on hiring and career planning in application to software development.