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02 Sep 2020

On Burnout

My summary of the video The Thing About Burnout from @ashleymcnamara.

Symptoms and development

  • Burnout is like PTSD. After some recovery time, you may feel you’re OK, but some triggers can get you back to the burnout state.
  • The burnout recovery time is two years. A two-week-long vacation doesn’t help.
  • The process is burning out is slow. It can take years.

Phases of burnout

  • honeymoon
  • onset of stress: you start feeling less motivated
  • neglecting self: overeating, etc.
  • losing motivation: can’t get excited about the work anymore
  • physical issues: digestion issues, tinnitus, etc.

How to avoid burnout?

  • Get clarity. What is the purpose of your work? What are you supposed to do? What are the expectations?
  • Stop multi-tasking, and say no more often.
  • Take control of your time: plan your work, turn off your notifications.
  • Get enough sleep.

Tips for managers

  • Be clear about expectations.
  • Help people understand their values
  • Enforce reasonable work hours.
  • Don’t contact your people after 5 PM.
  • Encourage people to take their time off.
  • Have regular 1-on-1’s and actively listen if people feel stressed.
  • Don’t recognize only big wins. Small wins count!

Final take

Remember about your family. They suffer from your burnout no less than yourself.

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