Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Python Developer from Porto

20 Nov 2020

4 Reading mistakes I made

Reading Photo by Giancarlo Duarte

My thoughts on how to become a better reader. The context is non-fiction books.

Not reading enough. I decided that there shouldn’t be a moment when I don’t have any book reading. Also, I try not to have a day where I don’t read at least a bit. I know that people don’t like electronic books, but this is my primary way of reading. I always have a tab with a currently reading book pinned in my browser. If I am tired and want to distract myself, I switch to that tab instead of opening a news site or a social feed.

Finishing all the books I started. I convinced myself that starting reading a book is not a commitment to finish it. I remember the sunk cost fallacy. Now I can mark a book as read, not when I turned the last page, but when I believe I don’t get enough of it anymore.

Not making notes. I highlight the parts that I like from the book, and then I turn these highlights into notes. The primary purpose of this activity is to digest and internalize the content. Another one is to find a pair of ears to tell what I learned.

Not applying my knowledge. Not everything needs to be implemented, but if I find that a book is good, I attempt to put the core idea of it to practice.