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01 Jan 2023

Surviving Late Night Events

The New Year celebration is tough for me. One thing that makes it especially challenging is that the tradition requires you to be awake enough to observe the second 00:00:01 of the upcoming year and enthusiastically cheer its arrival.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that while I can be awake, there is never enough energy to be enthusiastic about the event. Starting at around 10 PM, I get more tired and grumpier with every minute. I talk less, and my remarks usually become more caustic and socially inappropriate when I do decide to open my mouth.

It’s like being a werewolf, but instead of turning into a wolf, I’m turning into a second version of myself - a mean, grumpy, and overall unpleasant person.

The New Year celebration is not the only occurrence where you are expected to be awake and sociable late at night. All types of late dinners, bar visits, and parties pose the same challenge for me.

To counteract it, sometimes I nap the day before the event, but it’s not always possible. Also, I often avoid these events or leave them early.

I am writing this for two reasons.

  • If you know me personally and have found me acting unreasonable, and you’re wondering what it was, maybe it was just the time of day. The clock hour is not an excuse to be an asshole, but at least there is an explanation.
  • If you are the same and feel like you’re obliged to fake a good mood and enthusiasm during night events, know that you are not alone.

Have a great 2023, everyone. Let it be better than 2022. It shouldn’t be too hard - the bar is set very low.

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