Roman Imankulov

Roman Imankulov

Full-stack Python web developer from Porto

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Quickly initialize a new Python environment with Poetry. We explicitly stick to Python 3.11.x (we don’t want automatic upgrades to 3.12, etc.). Also, we activate Poetry virtual environment on startup.

poetry init --python '~3.11' --no-interaction --quiet
poetry install
echo 'source $(poetry env info -p)/bin/activate' > .startup

Resolving rebase conflicts

When rebasing a branch with an updated poetry.lock, conflicts may arise. To resolve these conflicts, we can utilize the following function:

function poetry-resolve-rebase-conflict() {
    git checkout --ours ./poetry.lock
    poetry lock --no-update
    git add ./poetry.lock
Roman Imankulov

Hey, I am Roman, and you can hire me.

I am a full-stack Python web developer who loves helping startups and small teams turn their ideas into products.

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