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11 May 2022

Elastic Beanstalk

Played with Elastic Beanstalk.

  • At first glance, it looks like a very user-unfriendly version of Heroku.
  • At a second glance, better than it seems. They offer out-of-the-box autoscaling, monitoring, spot instances, and even a wrapper around SQS for queues. The admin panel is quite user-friendly by AWS standards.

In general, of course, everything smells antiquity. There have been no notable updates lately. The latest version of python is 3.8.

In 2011 when they announced it, it could have become a hit, but it didn’t because there were no RDS at the time. When RDS came in, the platform seemed to be of no use to anyone.

A HackerNews commenter compares it with training wheels for scaling, load balancing, and high availability.

AWS Copilot seems to be a modern replacement for Elastic Beanstalk.

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