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01 Jun 2022

State of JS 2021

I came across the state of JavaScript 2021 report, released in February. The report falls into the same bucket as the Python Developer Survey and StackOverflow developer survey, but with focus on the JavaScript ecosystem.

I found it to be full of insights.

  • Many features of modern JavaScript are not known to me. As someone who considers himself “good enough” in JavaScript, I find it both exciting and uncomfortable: oh, the number of things I still don’t know is enormous.
  • It was interesting to look at the top list of the frameworks. With React as the most popular, Svelte as something people want to learn, and Solid (never heard of it) which brings the most satisfaction.
  • Vite, a better webpack, is on the top list of interest and satisfaction. This observation matches my experience. I started my new project with Vite, React, and TypeScript (yarn create vite --template react-ts), and I can confirm that it does everything necessary out of the box, and so far, I have never had any problems with it.
  • I liked the “Resources” review that features blogs, podcasts, and people to follow in the JavaScript community.
  • Bookmarked for React charts.
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